BeeteeC promotes commercial and technological competences, provides its products, services and activities
in line with local realities.
With its slogan «Together We Can», BeeTeeC is looking forward to cooperating with companies, administrations, institutions, associations, professionals and individuals in Africa and around the world as Partners to achieve the common entrepreneurial goals and take the economic, social, and cultural challenge of our time.


BeeTeeC Supporter
BeeTeeC Agent
BeeTeeC Representative
BeeTeeC Partner
BeeTeeC Pioneer

Required Conditions:

Entrepreneurial motivations for Africa
– Areas of complementary activities
– Complementary competences and services
Commercial and technological synergies
– Exchange of information in French, English or German

Offers BeeTeeC:

Partnership Agreement BeeteeC**
– Expertise of the BeeTeeC Network members
Publicity on the platform BeeTeeC
– Preferential conditions of service BeeTeeC
Promotion of joint activities BeeTeeC, etc.

Minimum annual contribution Partner

50€ en Afrique, 200€ reste du monde

Become BeeTeeC Partner

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**) If your application is successful: You will receive a confirmation and your agreement Partnership BeeTeeC via email also a link to pay your annual Partner Contribution


The BeeteecTechnical Team thank you in advance!