BeeTeeC, participative and contributive enterprise is looking forward to get all African entities out of the digital darkness.
The BeeTeeC Technical Team offers Blog creation services for online communication and publication on the BeeTeeC platform in:
French – English


– Registration Service
– Flip Book Service
Advertising Service
Blog Service

To all its customers, to professionalize the digital presentation of their information, products, services and activities online in texts, pictures, videos and sounds:

1 x Negotiation of the pack Blog of the client
1 x Creation of the Blog of the client
1 x Command of pack Blog of the client
1 x Adaptation of texts, pictures, videos, etc.
1 x Translation and online publication on BeeTeeC.
1 x Online communication on the Blog of the client.
1 x Modification, translation and adaptation monthly.

N.B: Transport and extra costs not included.

*) Rates for all entities based in Africa.
N.B.: Double flat rates for all other entities.

BLOG START (rate to be negotiated)

Small, texts, photos,…

BLOG PREMIUM (rate to be negotiated)

Medium, texts, photos, sound…

BLOG GOLD (rate to be negotiated)

Medium, texts, photos, sound, videos…

Order your pack Blog Service

Nonincluding ancillary costs (transport, creating texts, images and videos, etc.) are to negotiate directly with the technical team BeeTeeC


The BeeTeeC Technical Team thanks you in advance!