Our activities:

Online information’s platform on African economic, social and cultural entities.
Company for the creation and the development of business and technology activities.
International Network for the promotion of participatory entrepreneurial initiatives in Africa.

Our methods:

➤ We create, promote and develop business and technological competences.
➤ We propose activities, services and products in phase with the local realities.
➤ We participate in synergy of international competences in the African entrepreneurial challenge.

Our strategic objectives

Become the reference platform for online information on African entities.
Make business and technological competences accessible to all in Africa.
Contribute to the development of the continent via local entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our ambitions

➤ Get millions of African existential entities out of digital darkness and informational vacuum.
➤ Create and manage a participative and collaborative Network with millions of Supporters.
➤ Work with thousands of competent Agents and Representatives in Africa and the world.
➤ Propose quality activities, services and products to our clients at unbeatable prices.

Our pledge

Guarantee the entrepreneurial, social and human values
That create, reinforce, develop and sustain an irreproachable professional relation of thrust
With all our Supporters, Partners and Clients.